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Reliable, yes. But why would I even utilize NEMT services?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Why would someone need NEMT? 

There are times in life where we hit rough patches, we hit a glitch and have to recalibrate.

That can be from losing a job, or receiving a negative report from the doctor that changes everything. If your health heads downward and you find yourself unable to commute independently, Reliable Medical Transport (NEMT) might be the solution for you. From doctors appointments to post surgery, we are the solution to your NEMT needs. 

Now, if you’re in immediate danger, please call 911! We are not able to assist you in emergency scenarios, although we would like to. 

Maybe a tragedy hasn’t arrived in your life. Maybe you're getting older and don’t want to drive yourself to and from destinations. Our friendly staff love interacting and building connections with all of our clients turned family members. 

It’s our goal to consistently provide safe, non-emergency transportation, to all who may face mobility challenges. 

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